We are happy to announce the start of HUNCHtheatre’s cultural exchange programme. We are collaborating with the Social Theatre LabЛаборатория социального театра) in Belarus, to present an epic event around the life and ideas of Soviet director Vsevolod Meyerhold. It is called 'Meyerhold: Case 2.0' and it will be held in Minsk on October 27th. Tania Arcimovich will give a lecture on the history of the Soviet and Belarusian avant-garde. (Valya Moroz) will hold a workshop on Meyerhold's main legacy biomechanics. And our co-founder Vladimir Shcherban will present a reading of 'Leaving the Earth' a new play by Belarusian playwright (Prusak Ole) Olga Prusak about the life and death of Meyerhold and his wife Zinaida Reich.

Today, when life and art are so entwined, their story has never been more relevant. As Peter Brook said: 'Meyerhold was persecuted and executed for his integrity and purity in search of the truth of life on stage. He was the embodiment of the revolution, and he could not believe that it would turn on him and swallow him up. But that's exactly what happened." This is the next step in the development of a show we are making with the Arcola about Meyerhold, attempting to rehabilitate him and see how his ideas can work for theatre now. Click HERE for more information about the event.


‘Left Dissident’ reading in Belarus

The ethos of HUNCHtheatre is to mix European and British aesthetics. On 1st October 2018, co-founder Vladimir Shcherban directed, over Skype from London, a reading of a new play 'Left Dissident' by first time Belarusian playwrights Alena Shpak and Andrey Dichenko in a private living room in Minsk with actors from Belarus and a post show discussion. 

This is the first in a series of underground readings by HUNCHtheatre of new writing in Belarus and the rest of Europe, continuing our practice of performing in private rooms in London.